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The Xtend and Climb Ladder is the perfect solution for all climbing needs, it extends from a handy, compact 95 centimetres to 3.9 metres, extending in necessary increments to the required height with almost no effort allowing us to hand carry and store in compact spaces when not in use.

The Xtend and Climb Ladders are brilliant in the home, car, farm, warehouse, commercial and industrial applications, and a must for tradesman who will also love how easy it is to transport.

Constructed from high strength alloy and made to meet and even exceed rigid industry safety standards. Some other features include angled thumb release, no pinch closure systems, non slip end caps, integrated carry handle and heavy duty closure strap.

The Laddermax converts your ladder into a stable, multi-functional workstation, which can safely hold paint pots or tools.

Robust clamping mechanism fits quickly and securely to your ladder in seconds with the unique design increasing pressure applied to contact points on the wall, making ladder slippage far less possible, creating a much safer working situation.

The ergonomic position leaves your hands free to work, making tasks safer, easier, faster and more comfortable.

As reviewed on http://www.topspotmedia.com.au/products/products.htm#dankel


Who should use the Dankel Xtend & Climb Ladder? - any handyperson or tradesperson who needs to work above ground level. Caravan owners, truckies, tradies of all trades where climbing is required - all can use a safe ladder that is easy to Transport, safe to use.

Dankel Tools also has an Xtend & Climb Storage Bag.



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