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Contractors portfolio

Contractors portfolio

  • The contractors portfoliois great for meetings or visiting the job site.
  • It’s big enough to carry file folders and other essentials, but compact enough to carry with you everywhere. 
  • With a notepad, pen / pencil holders and a flap pocket for a 9 M tape measure or calculator, the contractor’s portfolio is handy for on site sketches, estimates, or taking notes.
  • Can be completely zipped up and carried under the arm for convenience

The contractor's portfolio or folder is a rugged piece of equipment which says, this is a tradesperson who is organised, who you can trust to do the job properly. They are prepared for any event. The ruggedness of the folder material testifies to it being job ready and hardened.

You need something measured, you need a quick calculation - tools are used and stored away to be picked up, zip up the folder and off to the next job.

Folder only, accessories for demonstration purposes only.


Who could use this folder?

Estimators, land agents, house inspectors, engineers, builders, supervisors, quoters - again the list is almost endless.


Look professional, be professional with a Dankel Contractor's Portfolio






Price - 36.00 AUD
Contractors portfolio

Minimum order is 1.00 unit(s), in increments of 1.00

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