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Small phone holster

Small phone holster -  ballistic nylon

  • Fits most folding mobile phones
  • 50mm long SS clip fits most tool belts
  • Fully padded, rugged ballistic nylon material

Are you the fastest draw in the west or any other part of Australia? 

Having your mobile phone handy is essential to the tradesman on the job. having it protectd in a  hard wearing ballistic nylon pocket or holster is a necessity. Having it at handy on your Dankel Tool Belt, in a velcro-ed holster, makes for easy and speedy access.

All tradespeople on the job, carpenters, roofers, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, apprentices, farm workers, forresters, rangers - the list who could use this handy holster is extensive  - if you work outdoors, at heights, in drains, in all weather, having your link to the office, the family and the outside world protected and handy is so easy with the Dankel phone holster.



Price - 8.25 AUD
Small phone holster

Minimum order is 1.00 unit(s), in increments of 1.00

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