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Tool Belts

Tool Belts

Dankel Tools has a range of very rugged tool belts for you to carry your tools safely.

The category "Build Your Own Tool Belt" shows all the different options you can wear on a Dankel tool Belt whether you choose the

  • Padded belt
  • Leather tool belt,
  • Pro-electricians rig
  • Plumbers rig
  • Roofers rig with tool tote

Leather tool beltPadded BeltPlumbers rig
Leather tool belt


Price - 40.00 AUD  

Padded Belt


Price - 18.86 AUD  

Plumbers rig


Price - 74.80 AUD  

Pro electricians rigRoofers rig with tool tote
Pro electricians rig


Price - 63.60 AUD  

Roofers rig with tool tote


Price - 55.00 AUD  

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