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Tool Carriers

Tool Carriers & Tool Organisers

Dankel Tools specialises in hard wearing tough fibre  pouches and holsters to keep tools in a handy place while looking after the tradie using them.


A safe alternative for carrying sharp tools on your belt. Dankel pouches and holsters are made from very tough and rugged materials. If your tools are stored in Dankel pouches on your Dankel Tool Belt you can feel safe.

A Dankel Pouch or Holster also protects your equipment from damage - eg protect your mobile phone in one of the mobile phone holsters

Bucketeer 44Bucketeer 44


Price - 39.60 AUD  

Bucketeer 56Bucketeer 56


Price - 42.90 AUD  

Drill HolsterDrill Holster


Price - 20.00 AUD  

Electricians ToolBagElectricians ToolBag


Price - 73.26 AUD  

Gatormouth tool bagGatormouth tool bag


Price - 30.25 AUD  

Large phone holsterLarge phone holster


Price - 12.00 AUD  



Price - 18.60 AUD  

Pro GatorMouth tool bagPro GatorMouth tool bag


Price - 45.00 AUD  

Pro tool pouchPro tool pouch


Price - 34.25 AUD  

Small phone holsterSmall phone holster


Price - 8.25 AUD  

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