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Tool Carriers

Electricians ToolBag

Electrician's tool bag adapted by Dankel Tools

1680 denier ballistic nylon material used throughout for ultimate durability.

Rigid frame with padded handle and strong shoulder strap.

Non slip rubber base for all weather use.

Ideal for separate storage of mid size power tools and accessories.

This carrier shows the ideal way for the professional electrician to carry tools from job to job.

If you are in a roof cavity doing electrical work you don't want to  go up and down stairs to fetch the very tool you need. That tells the client about your work methods and indicates lack of organisation and preparedness.

If you have a Dankel carrier such as the Electrician's tool bag, you have a pocket for all your tools. You can see instantly if a tool is missing before you climb into the roof. The electrician's tool bag is easy to carry into small access areas. It even zips up to the handle so tools can't be jiggled out as you climb the ladder.





Price - 73.26 AUD