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Carpenter pencil sharpener

Carpenter pencil sharpener from Keson Industries - Model CP2

  •  The fast easy way to sharpen carpenter pencils 
  •  Sharpens to a square, flat tip !

Now you can easily put a perfect traditional flat tip point on your carpenter’s pencil with the Carpenter pencil sharpener.


So how do you put a flat tip on your carpenter's pencil?


In a two step process the Carpenter pencil sharpener from Keson industries shaves the sides of the pencil in one step, then the faces in a second step.


Just try it.  


Slide a standard carpenter’s pencil into the  guide.

Slide it in and out a few  times before turning the sharpener over and repeating the process with the other end of the sharpener.

The resulting flat-sided point does a better job than a normal rounded pencil and stays sharp for longer.


Designed especially to suit carpenter's pencils.

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Price - 18.00 AUD