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Youngstown Gloves - workplace safety as well as practicality is essential for tradespeople and one of the ways to ensure this safety is with proper fitting, hard wearing, gloves designed for the trade.


Youngstown Gloves are such an item. Youngstown Glove Company manufactures the world’s most durable performance work gloves. Introduced in 2002,  Youngstown Gloves today  offer over 30 performance work glove styles that exceed the demanding needs of professional workers. Their extensive line covers a broad variety of applications and working conditions, including specialized styles such as: Cut-Resistant, Waterproof/Windproof, High Visibility and Anti-Vibration.


Every Youngstown style goes through extensive testing – both in the laboratory and in the field – prior to making it available to customers. Dankel Tools is proud to be associated with Youngstown Gloves in Australia


And what about the extension ladders - fit under as single bed yet can stretch to over 3 meters.

Click here to see more of  the 3.3m Xtend & Climb ladder.


Electricians ToolBag
Price: 66.80 AUD
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Youngstown Carpenter Plus Gloves
Price: 29.50 AUD
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Xtend & Climb ladder - 3.3m
Price: 214.50 AUD
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Youngstown Titan Gloves
Price: 36.50 AUD
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